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We believe in creating our own rules, using the same factories who produce for high end designers and selling high quality essential pieces at a fair price.


To ensure the best quality we are manufacturing in the best countries for specific essential pieces. In footwear we work with two manufactures one in Napoli, Italy and another in Felgueiras, Portugal. Our apparel line are sourced locally in Los Angeles and are imported from Italy, Japan, Portugal with a strict compliance-working environment. We found these factories that produce for the world ‘s top designers. The combination of artisans and technology is amazing, all materials where imported from the best Italian tanneries.


We work directly with our textile suppliers and manufacturers ensuring the best quality and pricing. We don’t have any brick and mortar stores , we produce in low quantities which allows us to keep our prices fair.


Modern menswear ( A cross between minimal basics and high fashion streetwear  )  designing functional yet modern fits with unique fabrics. As we grow , we strive to innovate and improve in our product in the hope of creating tomorrow’s essentials.